We the Kings Self-Titled Review by Alison Sikes


We the Kings Self Titled Debut on S-Curve Records

Amidst the growing number of generic pop-punk bands, We the Kings gives a fresh outlook on this bland genre. The Floridian quartet’s self-titled debut is an upbeat mix of catchy and endearing songs sure to please everyone. We the Kings starts strong with “Secret Valentine,” a song about your first relationship, and then transitions into their first released single, “Skyway Avenue.” Driven by a steady guitar line, “Skyway Avenue” is the quintessential rock ballad about teenage love. Using catchy lyrics, an up-tempo beat, and hand claps, “Check Yes Juliet” is the most infectious and entertaining song found on the album. One of the most engaging tracks on We the Kings is titled “Whoa.” Despite the chorus’ lack of intellectual depth, listening to “Whoa” results in uncontrollable head banging. We the Kings’ self-titled album is a great debut that distinguishes them from the other average bands.

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