Twin Atlantic Vivarium

by Sami Ponoroff

Twin Atlantic, a young band from Scotland, has reminded us of a classically forgotten lesson, with their new album Vivarium: never judge a book by its cover. When one first picks up the album, and opens it, they will most definitely be impressed; as one opens the album, the CD is presented in a pop-out cover, detailing grass and a teeth-like contraption (it is consistent with the albums theme). But, the good impressions end once one pops the CD into their stereo.

Twin Atlantic’s lead singer, Sam McTrusty, may be able to sing, but he is not a singer. Disregarding his subpar vocals, his Scottish accent distracts one from hearing the words. Also, about six out of the eight songs on the album sound EXACTLY the same: one can barely tell the difference as they flip through the tracks. Despite this, the band is not horrible. When one can hear the pure instrumentals they can hear Twin Atlantic’s talent. These instrumentals can be heard on their song ‘Better Weather.’

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