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A Review of the band Twin Atlantic “Free”

Twin Atlantic Review by Ben Pawliger

Twin Atlantic is a band not many are familiar with in the US; but in Europe, specifically the United Kingdom, Twin Atlantic is a band many enjoy listening to. Twin Atlantic is an Alternative Rock band from Glasgow, that was formed in 2007. Some of their previous top hits include What is Light, Where is Laughter? and Human After All. Twin Atlantic is a band unlike others, in that the music is from the heart and is about what the members truly believe in. The album Free which includes some fan favorites such as Free and We Want Better, Man is an album with many types of songs. The album gives listeners a little of everything, with love and relationship songs, party songs with a party vibe, some old fashioned alternative rock songs, and even some pop songs too. The music can give listeners the chills while hearing the work on Free. Its not often that you find music like this, which is music that is based on a true emotional honesty. That, makes listening to the music on Free an even better experience. I recommend the album to any Alternative or Rock fan, because this will be a new favorite for you. Even if you are not an Alternative or Rock fan, I still recommend you listen to Free, because this is the kind of music that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Twin Atlantic Vivarium

by Sami Ponoroff

Twin Atlantic, a young band from Scotland, has reminded us of a classically forgotten lesson, with their new album Vivarium: never judge a book by its cover. When one first picks up the album, and opens it, they will most definitely be impressed; as one opens the album, the CD is presented in a pop-out cover, detailing grass and a teeth-like contraption (it is consistent with the albums theme). But, the good impressions end once one pops the CD into their stereo.

Twin Atlantic’s lead singer, Sam McTrusty, may be able to sing, but he is not a singer. Disregarding his subpar vocals, his Scottish accent distracts one from hearing the words. Also, about six out of the eight songs on the album sound EXACTLY the same: one can barely tell the difference as they flip through the tracks. Despite this, the band is not horrible. When one can hear the pure instrumentals they can hear Twin Atlantic’s talent. These instrumentals can be heard on their song ‘Better Weather.’

Melanie’s CD Reviews

Candi Lynn – Ill Miss Behavin

Untalented, uninspiring, and downright trashy, if this is what the criteria is for a musician today, then Candi Lynn is you “gurl.” If you can first get past the album cover that looks like it was a bad day at glamour shots, then be prepared for song titles such as: Bitch Please, Stop Trippin, and Love Ya Body (none of which exemplify any talent.) This all comes out as harsh, but better to stop it in its tracks rather then let the embarrassment go on. The only good that could come from this album is if you are in a state of depression and need a good laugh, it will sure cure you! Maybe Candi Lynn was going for a Lil Mama inspired sound, but  Lil Mama managed a single of her debut album. Out of five !’s  Candi Lynn’s album “Ill Miss Behavin”  gets a ?.

Twin Atlantic – Vivarium

Oh how the UK gives us such great names in music! Twin Atlantic’s album “Vivarium” is no exception. The band carries a distinctive voice, but that could be because of their lovely Scottish Accents. Yes, Scottish!  Twin Atlantic originated in Glasgow, Scotland in early 2007, and from there on have been building a fan base opening for such great acts as: Circa Survive, Smashing Pumpkins, Funeral for a Friend, and Thrice. If you like Taking Back Sunday and Head Automatica (who were both on tour together in 2006) then it is almost a guarantee you will fall just as hard for Twin Atlantic. They only downfall of this mini debut album is how it may seem a little repetitive. One might have trouble telling one song apart from the others. However, with a pretty boy lead, Sam McTrusy, and talented bandmates following, Barry McKenna, Ross McNae, Craig Kneale, the album will at least gather some attention rather then going unnoticed. Out of five stars Twin Atlantic’s “Vivarium” gets three and a half.

Cavo – Bright Nights Dark Days

The minute Cavo’s single “Champagne” starts playing in your iTunes, you will recognize that mainstream rock sound. This is Cavo’s fourth album, but is their first record with the well known Reprise Records, and is produced by David Bendeth. “Bright Nights, Dark Days” songs are filled with emotion, that will allow an abundance amount of people to relate to their heart felt lyrics, leaving the audiences everywhere wanting more. Cavo is for fans of: Nickelback, Three Doors Down, and Seether.  Lead singer Casey Walker’s voice gives the band an effortless sound, along with catchy guitar riffs of Chris Hobbs, opening bass lines from Brian Smith, and captivating drum patterns from Chad LaRoy. The sound being so universal will be there biggest dilemma, but aside from that, expect Cavo to be on a radio station near you. Also don’t be surprised if your mother or father in their late 30’s to 50’s think they are “hardcore” and “hip” for liking one of the band’s songs, because face it, look at the fan base of the bands listed above…..exactly. Out of five stars Cavo’s “Bright Nights, Dark Days” gets three stars.

Holly Williams – Here With Me

Heavy on the Country, so if you are not a fan of it, Holly Williams will not be a artist for you. But if you are, Holly Williams has a soulful voice that has this peaceful and calming affect. Holly exemplifies talent through her instrumental abilities, beautifully trained vocals, and her touching lyrics. One of here songs titled “Mama” is wistful for any mother and daughter, and shows how grounded and down to earth her family made her. Also in the song, Holly talks about her mother who “never wore your (her) pain to thick,” giving Holly a strong foundation for the many obstacles to come in the music industry. Ms. Williams has made an appearance on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and was also featured in People Magazines. Holly Williams is making a name for herself, and I do believe CMT will being hearing much more from the 28 year old in the coming years. Out of five stars, Holly William’s sophomore album receives a three.