Gifts to Give and Get: Skin Hard Drive by Iomega

Skin Hard Drive By Iomega

by Paige Prine

Three new hip,cool and new styles of portable hard drives are available to you! Who wouldn’t want a portable hard drive? They’re easy, stylish and fun to use! Iomega has now made it very easy for the consumer to use their latest technological advancement. You can now store all your digital media in one small space that will never get lost. Iomega even includes powerful software solutions with your purchase. It is compatible with Macs and Windows programs. This is more then just storage, its affordability, and convenience. All three drives are available at retailers starting as low as $120.

Gifts to Give and Get-Supercharged Leather Iphone 4 Case

by Paige Prine

Supercharged Leather Power Case

Have you ever been out and have your iphone batter blink red 20%? I know i have plenty of times and regret not being able to charge it where i am. When you have a lack of power outlets where you are, no fear, the charging Iphone case is here! I had theprivilege of being able to use this case on my phone. Right when i received this case, i went into my room and grabbed my phone charger. De-tatching the USB cord from the power plug, you are able to use that to charge your case with the cord provided in the box. After letting the case charge overnight, you are ready to go in the morning. I decided to leave the case in my bag so when my phone was going to die, i would have my backup charge. Finally, the moment of truth came later that night. I opened my case and slid the phone into place. The case was so easy to operate on as it was charging my phone. It even has a fold over protection cover for the front screen on your phone to prevent scratching. Unbelievable! Unfortunately, this case is only compatible with the Iphone 4.Even though the case might be a bit pricey to buy, it is surely a great investment.

Graffiti Spray Can for IPAD now!


Graffiti Spray Can 2 was released for the iPad this weekend with new tools and features requested by users and developed by graffiti artists at Elite Gudz.
“We’ve added different caps, drips, a new interface, and a lot of other elements the fans asked for,” says a spokesperson from Elite Gudz. The studio read through user comments on the first Graffiti Spray Can, which has been #1 on iTunes in Entertainment and Free Apps, and added many requested features to the new iPad version.  “With Graffiti Spray Can 2, the only limit is your imagination.”

New Features Include:

* 5 New Tips/Brushes – Including Drips! * Classic Shake Animations and Rattle Sounds updated in HD * Easy to use color wheel with millions of choices * Full Featured Music Player with 3 FREE tracks * Enhanced Touch-Screen Interaction * All New HD Backgrounds to choose from * Variable Cap/Brush size from fine to thick * Save and Share through Facebook, Twitter & Email

Updates to Graffiti Spray Can 2 will include new backgrounds, hand-made text fonts, stencils, new music, and artist packs from famous graffiti artists from around the world.

Graffiti Spray Can 2 is free for the iPad. A version for iPhone and iPod touch is in development and will be out later this year.

Download Graffiti Spray Can 2 at