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The Bieber Experience: Marlee & Tiffany and Lexi

January 26, 2013
By Marlee Speizman and Tiffany Monroy

The Justin Bieber concert January 26, 2013 was as hectic as any Saturday in Miami Beach could be. After hours of hair, make-up, and a long car ride we finally arrived at the American Airlines Arena at 3:00 pm. We quickly secured our spots in the meet and greet line along with hundreds of other devout fans. After what seemed like hours of applying and reapplying lip gloss and mascara, we made our way into the backstage area of the arena.

We truly got the backstage experience: meeting Justin’s road manager, Kenny Hamilton; grandparents, Diane and Bruce; stylist, Ryan Good; lead guitarist, Dan Kanter; and even influential movie director, Jon M. Chu. Jon Chu was nice enough to stop and talk with us about the possible production of a new Justin Bieber concert movie. He even told us that they would be filming for this movie that night.

Finally, the glorious moment occurred. We made our way over to the meet and greet room. We were surrounded by nervous girls, some were even crying. As we moved further and further towards the front of the line, we could hear the cameras flashing. Butterflies instantly filled our stomachs and we finally understood what everyone around us was feeling. We were finally at the front of the line and we couldn’t believe it. We knew this would only last seconds so we prepared our entry plan, which didn’t go so well. As we walked in, Marlee tripped on the carpet (or as some people might call it the air) and fell right into Justin Bieber’s arms. He sweetly caught her said in his high pitched voice “Woah, don’t fall now.” We proceeded to pour our feelings out to him which involved many I love you’s, you’re my inspiration’s, and you’re so hot’s.


We were shoved out of the space and told to leave the room and make our way to our seats. We made our way down to the floor pit and approached our fabulous seats. The concert was scheduled to begin at 7, but typical Justin didn’t set foot on the stage until 8:45. Once the concert started, everything was a blur. His performance was fantastic and he ended the show with a bang when he emerged from backstage for an encore and sang his hit song Baby. Even though we weren’t chosen to be the One Less Lonely Girl, we still felt special. Justin has a way of making girls feel like they’re the only ones in the room. The rest of his tour, and of course, his movie will be amazing. We enjoyed every second of it, especially those special 15 we spent with Justin Bieber.

Lexi Segal’s Bieber Story
By Kevin D. Thompson

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
BOCA RATON — This weekend, no one had Bieber Fever like Lexi Segal.
In December, the 14-year-old eighth-grader entered a contest to win a meet-and-greet with Justin Bieber, the teen singing sensation, Saturday night at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. Contest rules were simple: Take a picture of your Bieber-filled room and send it to Bieber’s fan club.
Friday night, Lexi, who lives in Boca Raton, found out she was the lucky winner. On Saturday, Lexi realized her dream of meeting Bieber in person.
“It was really overwhelming and stunning,” she said. “All of sudden I got pushed into a room and I saw his face and I was so starstruck. They took a picture and then (he had to leave), but it so worth it.”
Before taking a picture, Lexi had an opportunity to present Bieber with a gift — a homemade music award that resembles a Grammy.
“I said to him, ‘Justin I made this Grammy for you,’ and he said, ‘ah, thank you so much,’” she said. “After the picture, I said, ‘I love you’ and he said, ‘I love you, too.’”
Lexi described Saturday’s concert as the “best show I’ve ever seen.” She was returning to AmericanAirlines Arena with her mother, Aimee, Sunday for an encore performance.
Aimee Segal said her daughter’s room is a hallowed shrine to Bieber who has more than 33 million followers on Twitter.
“It’s covered from top to bottom in posters, pictures, books and magazine articles,” she said.
Lexi said when she first heard Bieber sing, she fell in love with his voice. But that quickly changed as she learned more about him.
“At first (it was) his music, but then just what he does for other people,” she said. “Everything about him just grew on me to make me the fan that I am today.
“He changed my life,” Lexi said, “and made me a better person.”



A Review: “This is It” Michael Jackson

by Angela Robledo


As countless audience members piled into the theatre, the room was silent as fans anticipated the film that would give them a peek inside their hero’s life in his last musical days.  As the opening credits rolled, I could hear the anxious bites of popcorn and see the nervous bites of nails. “This Is It” is the film that depicts the gone-too-soon idol in his honest role of performer and friend. Michael Jackson made many dreams come true with the announcement of his London tour, however many fans in the United States were unaware of just how much tenuous work was put in to the project.

Through this film, we had the opportunity to see just that: a wise man’s work for a project he was passionate about. With cameras there in moments usually unseen, I discovered that Jackson is not the man the tabloids expose him to be. Instead of the high voiced and slightly outrageous person depicted on magazine covers, he is actually a musician with a good sense of humor, a sensitive heart, and killer dance moves (but we already knew that one).

Known for his groundbreaking music videos and explosive shows, Jackson ensured the “This Is It” London tour was to be nothing short of spectacular. As a film buff myself, I had a great appreciation for the music videos to be used as song intros. In one introducing the hit “Smooth Criminal,” Jackson is in the middle of Chicago during the prohibition era battling with renowned black and white actor Humphrey Bogart. Had it not been for this movie, the mass creativity and resources already put in to this tour would have remained unknown. Fans in the audience watched intently as they watched a great show come to life before their eyes.  While it’s a shame this tour had to be cancelled due to Jackson’s untimely and devastating death, the film aided in bringing his legacy to life once again.

During the movie I could not grasp the fact that this motivational artist was simply gone; his spirit was very much alive on the big screen. His dancing and majesty on stage was skillfully captured, and fans could not help but clap and sing along with the hits we all know so well. Not a foot in the room could refrain from tapping. “Man in the Mirror” played as we saw Jackson holding hands with his dancers, thanking them for being a part of it all. His love and sincerity was evident as he brought them in for a group hug. The film ended in a freeze frame of Jackson with his arms out wide, embracing the fulfillment of the end of a song. The picture stayed on screen for a long moment, allowing fans to remember this image that described the passionate man so well. Eyes were dried, and immediately the theatre broke out in applause.

I left the theatre with bittersweet feelings: inspired by a man’s dedication to his creativity and inspirations in life, and sad that such a trivial person was gone so soon. “This Is It” is a tremendous film that allows fans around the world to forever remember Michael Jackson and his legacy as a beautiful human and motivational artist.

-A perfect four stars out of four-