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Can’t Stop Singing-Sesame Street Live Parker Playhouse Ft Lauderdale 9-27 to 9-29

Interview with Cyndi Graves Performance Director Sesame Street Live!!!!

by Jody Vining


Listen to the interview
We were so lucky to interview Cyndi Graves who is the Performance Director for the Vee Co., producers of Sesame Street Live.

Sesame Street live performs this weekend 9-27 to 9-29 at the Parker Playhouse in Ft . Lauderdale, Florida.

Cyndi tells us that she wears many hats for the Vee Company.  She is the stage manager, in charge of rehearsals, auditions, performer’s notes, publicity events.  She calls the show and the action for the show.  There are actually 3 Sesame Street Live productions and there are at least one show, if not all 3 shows touring all school year long.  She has a month off in the summer but is busy all the rest of the time.   These shows are USA based but sometimes another country will put on an extended run of one of the Sesame Street shows with their own actors.

As far as this show, “Can’t Stop Dancing” appeals to kids, parents and even grandparents.  Sesame Street is one of the kinds of shows that everyone enjoys.  There are 20 characters, Cyndi explained, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird  and some new characters such as Abby Cadabby and Murray.  Murray acts as the emcee and leads us in counting and the word on the street.  Abby Cadabby loses her magic wand in the show and everyone is looking for it.  In the end she tells us, Elmo finds out he doesn’t need the magic wand or Abby Cadabby,  and he can do it himself.

There have been 44 seasons of Sesame Street on television.

If you are interested in learning more about live performances and Sesame Street Live, check out the Parker Playhouse this week from the 27th to the 29th.  Here’s a link for tickets.

Thanks Cyndi!


Who has seen Yo Gabba Gabba?

Nick Jr’s popular television program Yo Gabba Gabba has become a cult hit among the college set.  In addition to popular characters such as Muno, Foofa, and DJ Lance Rock, the show has featured a variety of musical guests including Weezer, The Killers, Devo, The Roots and Jimmy Eat World.  I’ve watched the Weezer music video and it is insane.  Presumably the musicians wanted their offspring to hone their music chops at an early age. At any rate this bunch of crazy characters is coming to Fort Lauderdale on March 23 and 24 for two shows daily at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.  Tickets are available here.YoGabbaGabba2013  We have a great upcoming interview with one of the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba so stay tuned for more fun.



Halloween Horrors 2012

Review by Ben Pawliger and Jake Wasserman

Fright Nights 2012 is a spookified center of fun for everyone in the South Florida Area. People of all ages, from young children to older adults came out to the South Florida Fairgrounds to be spooked and horrified by zombies and monsters. Fright Nights is a large carnival with a Halloween twist. Rides, such as ferris-wheels, go-carts, spinning cradles, games, and more are planted all over the fairgrounds, as would any carnival. The Halloween twist though includes Haunted Houses, monsters strolling through the Midway, and of course, the crazy chain-saw crazy zombies. These zombies are not the typical slow walking arms out zombies, these zombies are ready to spook any guests of theirs by sneaking up behind them, ripping the loud chainsaws at their ears, feet, or wherever it is easiest to spook their new friends. The haunted houses are also a creepy attraction at the event. These 5 houses are dark traps with strange monsters poking at their prey from every direction! Everyone, from children to adults, claimed that they were scared from these houses of horror. Forget pumpkins and candy, the real spookiness and fun of Halloween is at Fright Nights in West Palm Beach, Florida.

South Florida’s Fright Night is open for business at the South Florida Fairgrounds. This year there are 5 Haunted Houses to chose from. It’s scary even walking around the grounds of Fright Nights because you never know who is going to come up and scare you!! Take friends for support…..and watch your back.

To get there: take I95 north to SOuthern Blvd. Go west to Fairgrounds Road. Make a right and go to Gate8. You can’t miss it. You can also take 441 North to Southern and make a right turn. Turn left on to Fairgrounds Road and go to gate 8.
It’s open Thursday through Saturday. Thursday until 11 and the weekends till 12.

Have a frighteningly great time. We did.