Paranormal Activity-A Movie Review


Movie Review
Paranormal Activity
By: Stephanie Figueroa

Its been called “the scariest movie of all time” and been demanded in hundreds of cities. What’s with all the hype about Paranormal Activity? Well, its not your typical horror film, thats for certain. Its safe to say, movies like these don’t come around often. If you are easily frightened and prone to sleepless nights, then suggesting to watch this movie would be pointless. If not, read on.
One aspect that sets this movie apart from others is the way it was filmed.
Writer-Director of the movie, Oren Peli, is a fan of slow-burn type movies. He created this film with a nominal crew of himself, his best friend, his girlfriend, and a hired make-up artist. The entire movie is through the point of view of a home purchased camera held by either of the two characters, Micah, played by Micah Sloat or Katie, played by Katie Featherson. The sensation of being a home video is really what is the most eerie, being that it seems realistic.
The couple in the film decide to record their daily lives, including their nocturnal ones, in case they discover what has been creeping around their house. As the movie progresses, Katie and Micah begin experiencing worse and worse “paranormal activity” in the house. On a nightly basis, something always seems to be disturbing their sleep. Whether it be footsteps or slamming doors, whatever it is, it wants Katie and Micah’s attention. And that is just what it gets.
The movies turning point is definitely towards the end. By then, the audience is on the edge of their seats. What comes next is something beyond unexpected. The ending will leave viewers speechless and questioning the little things that go bump in the night.

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