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Anarbor-“The Words You Don’t Swallow”

by Alex Rivera

On Anarbor’s new record, the band keeps true to what they know best: give their fans ballads about heartbreak and relationships with a pop-rock feel. The new album, The Words You Don’t Swallow, is the band’s first full-length release since their EP Free Your Mind in 2009. The new album includes some songs from the EP, but the majority of it consists of newer songs.

For the most part, the CD is good, but not anything great or different than what the band puts out. Actually, it sounded as if I were listening to the EP all over again, just longer in length. The incorporation of songs off of the EP didn’t make listening to the record any better, either.

Although I am an Anarbor fan, I have to pass on this one. It just didn’t do anything for me, and the songs on the album sound just like everything else out in the scene: generic and mundane. Nothing really set this new record apart from anything else released by them. Thus, The Words You Don’t Swallow is a hit for newer listeners of Anarbor, but it’s a miss for older fans.

Anarbor’s Free Your Mind EP Review

Slade-Lead Singer Anarbor





Above;  Slade Anarbor’s Lead Singer

by Sharona Feder


Currently on the Take Action Tour with Cute is What We Aim For, Meg &

Dia, Breathe Carolina and Every Avenue, Anarbor is that new Pop-Punk

sound that everyone loves. With catchy lyrics about love, heartbreak

and seemingly important issues, and a melody you’ll be humming all

day, this band is not just another fad, they’re here to stay. If you

like bands like New Found Glory, Forever The Sickest kids and Fall Out

Boy, you’re bound to get hooked on Anarbor.

With their Ep “Free Your Mind”, that will be released on March 10th, Anarbor makes it a point

to be all real and only play instruments in their songs that they can

play live. They’ve got a great dance-pop feel that you wont get sick

of after a week of listening to them.

Take Action Tour Press Conference 2009

Thanks to our great crowd who got to meet and interview the guys from Cute is What we Aim For, Every Avenue, Anarbor and Meg and Dia.  Friday’s press corps event is with Flogging Molly at the Pompano Amphitheater 4:15pm.  Get your invitation by emailing us info (at) therockstarstories.com.  




From Top Left:  anarbor lead singer SLADE, students filming, Meg and Dia

Middle Left: Cute is what we aim for, Jeff and Dave from Cute, Meg and Dia

Bottom left: Every Avenue, Students filming