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A Review of the band Twin Atlantic “Free”

Twin Atlantic Review by Ben Pawliger

Twin Atlantic is a band not many are familiar with in the US; but in Europe, specifically the United Kingdom, Twin Atlantic is a band many enjoy listening to. Twin Atlantic is an Alternative Rock band from Glasgow, that was formed in 2007. Some of their previous top hits include What is Light, Where is Laughter? and Human After All. Twin Atlantic is a band unlike others, in that the music is from the heart and is about what the members truly believe in. The album Free which includes some fan favorites such as Free and We Want Better, Man is an album with many types of songs. The album gives listeners a little of everything, with love and relationship songs, party songs with a party vibe, some old fashioned alternative rock songs, and even some pop songs too. The music can give listeners the chills while hearing the work on Free. Its not often that you find music like this, which is music that is based on a true emotional honesty. That, makes listening to the music on Free an even better experience. I recommend the album to any Alternative or Rock fan, because this will be a new favorite for you. Even if you are not an Alternative or Rock fan, I still recommend you listen to Free, because this is the kind of music that can be enjoyed by everyone.