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A review of the movie Twilight by Jillian Powers



Twilight the movie was definitely a big surprise for not only me, but anyone who has ever read the book. They nailed the characters perfectly, everyone that was cast did a great job at portraying their part. Kristen Stewart was great at hitting the dreary sarcastic monotone personality of Bella Swan, as well as the mature and normal look Bella was described as. Robert Pattinson did a good job at being Edward Cullen, his facial expressions were perfect and the soothingly handsome voice must have been hard to hit with his accent. So good for him. Melissa Rosenberg on the other hand, disappointed me greatly.

As a dedicated Twilight fan, I was very suprised to see the changes made to the script compared to those of the book. The story plot was mixed up, diced up, and messed up.  Some vitally adored scenes in the book, were changed around to result in something less than satisfying. For example, the meadow scene was excruciating to watch in the movie, because it was not only an insult to the book. It lacked importance it should have shown to anyone who hadn’t read the book. I read that Meyer even fought to keep the ever so famous phrase, “So the lion feel in love with the lamb” in the movie at all. Seeing it the way it was shown did not measure up to most expectations I had for the scene.

On a lighter note, the cinematography for the play was done beautifully. Kudos to Catherine Hardwicke! She did a great job at directing this movie, and for that I’m grateful. Otherwise my midnight trip to the premier would have been an utter waste. The beautiful places it was shot at were my favorite part of her work. The soundtrack could have used a few more mainstream artists aside from Paramore though. I loved “Decode”,   “I Caught Myself”  and “Leave Out All The Rest” but some of the other songs must have been hard for people to enjoy. It was an eccentric choice to feature Iron & Wine, and The Black Ghosts . “Bella’s Lullaby” was written beautifully, go Carter Burwell!

Overall this was a great movie, not as great as the book though. I hope the screenwriter for New Moon does a better job, they need to step it up with keeping things on track with the book.

Jillian Powers

Wauconda IL