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TempoShark a review by Sami Ponoroff




Founded by singer/songwriter Robert Diament in London, England, Temposhark began it’s career in 2004. Most famous for their singles, It’s Better to Have Loved and Not That Big, the five-member band has also collaborated with the famed Imogen Heap (known for her wacky styles and songs featured on The O.C.), as well as many others. In fact, Temposhark has helped international superstars, like M.I.A. and Hellogoodbye, remix their songs, giving them an upbeat feel.

As for their name, singer Diament said he, “woke up in the midst of a dream one night, at like 4 am, and just said the word Temposhark. ‘So it came from my subconscious I guess. Honestly it was that simple. I wanted a name that sounded strong. I liked the idea that music could be a weapon. Something powerful..’ ” 

Having just finished their U.S. tour, Temposhark has been in the studios recording their second, untitled, album. Though they may be in England for now, their music has still become and internet sensation, catching the attention of many. You can check them out at www.temposhark.com.