Hot Chip was On Fire!



It was a freezing New York night.  The temperature was well below 20 degrees and the wind  was at least 17 miles per hour. I, like 600 fans, waited in this unbearable weather to see British electro-pop band Hot Chip perform their first show in over a year at the Highline Ballroom.  Thanks to MySpace Secret Shows, the concert was free but honestly, I would have paid my entire salary to experience that concert again. I have never been more impressed by a band. Let me start off by saying that prior to the show, I knew two Hot Chip songs, “Ready for the Floor” and “Boy from School”—which they played incredibly. It’s safe to say that I had no expectations.

When lead singer Alexis Taylor walked out in all yellow and orange dress shoes, I knew I was in for a good time. Beginning with “Thieves in the night” off of their latest release One Life Stand, the audience and I were immediately enthralled and instantly felt compelled to dance. . For two hours,  we jumped and gyrated and did not stop until show was over.  Hot Chip sounds as great, if not better live, than they do in your iPod.  Incorporating synths, a steel drum, and your basic rock instruments, their music translates into a heavy-dance-laden rock that sends you into a sensory-overload. After the show, I downloaded their entire discography and can’t stop listening to them. One Life Stand is a fantastic album, be sure to check it out. If Hot Chip ever comes to your town or you’re invited to one of their shows, do not hesitate. GO! You will have a great time.


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