Owl City-A Show Review

by Melanie Hemminger


Like pictures, music an have a powerful effect on a person. Music can bring you back in time or strike up a memory of someone you love or hate. For most when Owl City comes to mind we think of the single “Fireflies,” and the music video , directed by Steve Hoover, with childhood toys; allowing the audience to feel youthful once more. Creating music that is truly one of a kind.

A insomniac with a imagination through the roof, Adam Young began Owl City in his parent’s basement in the little town of Owatonna, Minnesota. The synthpop musical sensation has the world wide web to thank for such great success. His Myspace player reached over a million plays, and youtube star Mitchell Davis could only help by adding the fun visual of glow sticks to the hit song “Salt Water Room.”

His talent was recognizable and Universal Republic was not about to pass up an opportunity to work with one of pop’s next hit artist. Owl City released there major label debut album “Ocean Eyes” on July 14, 2009 on iTunes followed by the store release on July 28, 2009. The album was a success reaching number 27 on the Billboard 200.

There has only been good things said about Owl City’s live shows. I attended Ft. Lauderdale’s show at Culture Room, and the show sold out in the first two months of ticket sales. The hype about the live show did not fail either. The line up was a new one for most onlookers with three girls and three boys on stage. A violinist and cello player would do synchronized dance moves while Adam Young sang in harmony with Breanne Duren. It was a fresh line-up to the typical synthpop boy bands.

For anyone attending an Owl City show, be prepared to watch one of the most unique live shows of today. You will not leave disappointed.

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