Trey Green-A Review by Elena Tayem


Trey Green

If you like artists who never leave you confused after you listen to their songs, then you just might like Trey Green. Green was born in Memphis, Tennessee and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. He was once hospitalized for having “several live fish lodged in his nasal passage” and has been arrested three times for failing to move at a green light.

The world will never know the color of Green’s eyes since he wears sunglasses at all times. People would describe his music as a mix of rock and roll with a hint of country. The opening music of his songs draws the listener in. But, as soon as the lyrics to start, you turn it off immediately and hope your parents didn’t overhear what was just sung. I will give it to Green, the lyrics can be funny; especially when he personifies his buttox in his song “My Fantastic Ass.” Would I buy this CD? No.

Based on what I have learned about Trey, he probably wouldn’t care that I didn’t like his music. He is what he is, whether people like him or not. I would give this CD 2 out of 5 stars.

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